Applied Behavior Analysis:


Our ABA program includes the three major elements of intensive behavioral education: well ordered use of behavioral teaching techniques and procedures, intensive direct instruction on a one-to-one basis, and extensive parent training and support for carry-over and generalization of learned skills.


Programming is developed for each child by StarBright’s Licensed Behavior Analyst with specific tasks to help him or her learn and grow in both educational and natural settings. Assessment is ongoing, as each child’s progress is charted, graphed and analyzed on an ongoing basis.


Families may use our services to supplement their EI, CPSE, or CSE services.

Social Skills Groups:


The Social Skills classes offered at StarBright ABA address the key components of social interaction. In our classes the teachers manipulate the surroundings to create a rich environment in which children of all abilities may practice these emerging skills. 


The Social Responsiveness Scale-Second Edition is used as the diagnostic tool to identify social impairements most closely related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The use of the SRS-2 will allow us to track and monitor your child's social growth over five different domains; thereby allowing us to tailor a social skills program to address the specific social deficits of each participant.



StarBright Applied Behavior Analyst, PLLC proudly serves families in Orange, Southern Ulster and Dutchess counties.


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