Forms & Policies

This page is divided into three sections. Please utilize the first section to carefully review our policies and procedures. The second section contains the various forms that will need to be completed for treatment. If you are a new client, please begin with the 'Enrollment Form'. The final section is for your reference.

Information & Policies

Below, please find a comprehensive listing of our current policies and procedures. After reviewing each document carefully, please make sure to submit the 'Policy Consent Form' found in the subsequent section.

Online Forms

For your convenience, the following forms can be completed and submitted online through our HIPAA compliant form service.

Release for Photographs, Audio & Video Imagery

Permission for Electronic Transmission of Information

Printable Forms

A Starbright ABA staff member will walk you through filling out these forms during an in-person meeting. We've made them available here for you to review and/or print beforehand, if you wish.